How to set up a mail server on VPS

Companies often choose not the best ways of their corporative email hosting, weather they don’t have necessary information or in order to save money. They are storing data on a physical equipment inside a company, or using free services as Google or Yahoo.   In the first case, you sacrifice data security and safety and have to link your mail to a local internet-channel and power grid tightly. In…


Site migration: why do you need to plan the hosting change in advance?

If, for some reasons, your site feels uncomfortable on the old hosting you should be ready for migration. But what should you start with? The first step is to choose a good hosting from a reliable provider. Further, the professionals (our team) will take care of it. By joint efforts we will transfer the site quickly and painless. The main condition is to plan your work beforehand and of…


SSL-certificates: what are these, why do you need them and how to generate a request for a certificate signing?

With the beginning of 2017 Google practically announced the sites which use HTTP connection out of law. Not literally, of course, but they have threatened to mark them as unreliable in Google Chrome and begun to embody the threats. That is why those owners of the sites who care about attendance and rating have become seriously concerned about getting the certificates. So, we have already felt it in full…

crm vps

VPS for CRM: key advantages and implementation

The СRM system (Customer Relationship Management) is a modern solution that enables to automatize interaction between a company and its customers. Correctly implemented CRM system allows to increase significantly the level of sales, optimize marketing, launch customer service owing to client’s information saved in database and its application as necessary. Moreover, CRM enables to optimize business process, analyse work results and make the necessary adjustments.   The companies that…


VPS for high load websites, or when shared hosting can’t cope

Virtual (shared) hosting is a perfect choice for beginner-level websites and web pages of small companies. It is fast, convenient and easy-to-configure. However, in one of the stages of project’s development very often it becomes clear that there is insufficient amount of resources to be provided by shared hosting, VPS will be an optimal choice in that case and there are several reasons to think about coming over to…


CloudStack: the brain of cloud

While building cloud service hardware is not all you need to launch and maintain the system. An indispensable element of the system is special software, which acts as the brain of the cloud solution. It functions include deployment, support and control of all the services based on the data center infrastructure. One of the most popular software in this field is CloudStack.   The history of the software dates…


Extended VPS support service

When purchasing virtual dedicated server customers often ignore such additional option as extended support. However, this approach is partly wrong as fully managed VPS enables to save large amounts of money and nerve cells. To know what is extended support and how it may be useful for average user, administrator or other IT-specialist, please read our article.   What is the difference between fully managed and unmanaged models?  …

KVM (1)

Hypervisor KVM

Have you ever wondered how a cloud works? It is the most fast-growing IT-trend  which attracts billions dollars of investments annually. A product or service goes through the technological production process, before it becomes ready-to-use.   We can work out in detail endlessly,  therefore we will discuss only completion phase,  virtualization, and consider software or hardware components for its implementation.   The first issue from a series of VPS/VDS…


TOP 5 applications and services to use VPS server for

VPS is often conceived as a reliable hosting for websites running on a demanding CMS or with a huge number of visitors. Actually, virtual server is able not only to perform all customary tasks of the usual server, but also to achieve more work productivity.   To make this issue more clear for our readers, we have prepared TOP-5 situations when VPS server is a real necessity.   1….