VPS for high load websites, or when shared hosting can’t cope

VPS for high load websites

Virtual (shared) hosting is a perfect choice for beginner-level websites and web pages of small companies. It is fast, convenient and easy-to-configure. However, in one of the stages of project's development very often it becomes clear that there is insufficient amount of resources to be provided by shared hosting, VPS will be an optimal choice in that case and there are several reasons to think about coming over to VPS:

  • CMS used on your website is too “heavy” and needs too many resources. For example, such voracity is observed by 1С Bitrix system.
  • Drastic traffic increase caused by natural website development (correct management, competent optimization, interesting content), seasonality, promotions or sale. Most often it affects online stores.
  • A company has a big amount of projects and it wants to dedicate one separate server for them. Usually it concerns software or web developers.


There can be also another reasons for preferring VPS, but the key term lies in insufficiency of shared hosting properties for the comfortable work of the projects.


What advantages does virtual server offer?


Shared hosting despite of its advantages has also several obvious weak points. Among the main one can name impossibility of full resource control and advanced configuration, difficulties of scaling, the presence of «neighbours», where one IP address can be shared with dozens of projects with different orientations. In contrast to the shared hosting, VPS gives more extended possibilities.



Full control and server management. It looks for administrator as a full-value computer that can be configured on one's own volition according to every particular task. There is often a possibility not only to install your own software, but also to change already installed OS, if necessary.


Full control and advanced server configuration will be needed when it is necessary to organize the work of heavy applications, for example, CMS or another software. If with standard configurations some problem with program executing can occur, advanced configuration and correct resource distribution enable to make software work with optimal performance.


Full management may also be needed, if it is necessary to install non-typical software and its environment as it is impossible to do it on shared hosting.



Simplicity of scaling. If chosen configuration isn't enough, you are able to add extra gigabytes and gigaherz easily, whereas without necessity to stop the work process. For many companies fast scaling subjects to website attendance and traffic. Some kinds of business have pronounced seasonality, for example an amount of tourist applications in tourism agencies is growing in summer and it stays high till the middle of autumn. The burst of traffic in online stores can be cause by a new promotion or special offer, low item price or mentioning in some media. Probably everyone knows the situation when website becomes unavailable or loads the pages very slowly at the time of some promotions. Correctly configured VPS with appropriate configuration copes with this task perfectly. Moreover, traffic increase can be caused by competent promotion and website optimization. VPS enables to change the server configuration literally in a few clicks, so it allows to cope with any traffic flow.



Absence of «neighbours». There are no users that share your IP address, so you can have no worries about their content.


Generally by default virtual hosting has one real IP address shared with many projects. At the same time you are not able to impact neighbour's website content that can be very different: gambling, adult content, drug sale, spam e-mailing, malware or other doubtful content.


All in all, if one of these websites is a subject of sanctions, legal websites that shared one IP with breaker will be also banned or brought to the lists of suspicious web resources. On VPS this case is totally impossible as the server is managed only by your own and it gets its separate IP.


VPS is the best choice!


If you think about reputation of your website, its high performance and want to provide full server control or need to get more resources than shared hosting gives, VPS is the best choice. With VPS you have no need to worry about data loss and ban because of illegal content of neighbours located on one IP with you.


Fast scaling allows to change configuration very quickly at any time you want and successfully cope with a high flow of visitors without making any troubles to them. For VPS administrator it provides a possibility of advanced configuration and environment of particular software. It enables to optimize even very complicated software than is not able to work normally on a shared hosting.


We recommend you to use plan VPS-0.5 or VPS-1.5 for small projects. So, choose needed server and make the customers happy with speed and performance of your website.

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