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Customer reviews

In use since 2005
Thank you for your quality services.
We are working with TuchaCloud for a long time now. Service is very good, in the first place because of its thoughtful and attentive support service, who instantly responds to all the questions and implements all necessary technical solutions. This is a fairly rare phenomenon not only for us, but even among foreign companies. Thank you, recommend!
CTO, Pioneer Design Studio

In use since 2015
Our company is using this cloud service recently, but already managed to see all the pros. The service has high quality + you get an increased focus on the customer and his problems. That was a pleasant surprise for me. Special thanks to Vadim.
Administrator, LATEST

In use since 2013
Before working with TuchaCloud – we sifted through a dozen native and foreign hosting providers and data centers, including famous ones – Hetzer and Amazon, but never got such a high level of customer focus!
Problems are solved very quickly, even those tasks that competitors solve reluctantly and only for extra charge. Separately want to note the professionalism of customer service and high fault tolerance of services, I repeat: I had something to compare with. Summarizing, I can say that this is the case, when suddenly you get more than you order. All partners and clients, whom we recommended this service, are also pleased with it.

In use since 2015
It’s a very good service. Competitive prices, flexible plans. Like it.
Administrator, CTPI (Chemical-Technical Planning Institute)

In use since 2014
That’s what I call “service”.
Since I’ve started a cooperation with them, I always recommend them to all of my partners.
They can solve everything, according to their tasks.
Esp. I want to mention Vladimir Melnik. He’s always ready to help, like in that cartoon.
System administrator, IT-doors

In use since 2015
The guys solve all tasks very quickly. They are customer-oriented, which is rare in our country. I recommend to everyone!
Fly Technology

In use since 2005
I would like to thank the company's team for its cooperation and point out efficiency in resolving issues that occurred during the work process. Highly recommend.
Head of the department of business automation, Vitar

In use since 2015
The company is very good. Tecnical support react quickly. I am satisfied with their work. I recommend.
Director, Grand Royal

In use since 2015
There was a need to conduct a comparative analysis of the layout of the corporate website. I contacted Tucha and made a request for cloud infrastructure (IaaS). Literally within an hour I was given access to a test power allocation and a short training of how to use it.

I've got an excellent impression of their work, they are fast and efficient.

Head of the Technical Department, SFC Group

In use since 2013
Excellent, professional team, very attentive to the needs of its customers! I especially want to mention Vadim, a man with excellent professional skills and attention to customers, even the smallest!

I recommend, 10 points out of 10 !!!

Development Director, JM Sion

In use since 2013
Great service
We are working with Tucha for more than two years already. During this time company established itself as a reliable partner who is always ready to compromise and will always support you with technical consultation. Provided SaaS service works fine and fully justifies all expectations. Thanks you very much!
Head of the development and implementation Directions IT, Softkey GRU

In use since 2005
Very high quality of service
Your company sets the very high level for the quality of service and communication with customers.

There was a problem with a server. You responded instantly and quickly solve the problem.

What can I say - well done! You are the example for all of the other companies. This is an European quality.

Andrei Konstantinenko
Head of IT Services, Star Media

In use since 2014
A new level of support
Grateful for support for the prompt resolution of unexpected problems.
When the problem is the matter of hours - you have to be nervous, but your support solves the problem sometimes in minutes.
Internet marketer, "Renaissance Credit Bank"

In use since 2014
Thanks for
Grateful for the Tucha's partners network: always harmonious cooperation, time and precise work, flexibility and business friendliness.
CEO, U Country

In use since 2014
That's Perfect!
Some days our customers needed a specific VPS. Neither the provider does not agree to create a template we want. And here comes Tucha! In use since 2014 and we have positive impressions only. Very pleased that managers delve into customer needs and are going to meet! Support fairly quickly resolve issues. The service is stable, no complaints. Thank U TuchaCloud!
CEO, AS - Service

In use since 2014
Stability is the everything for us!
What could be more important than the stability of services provided ?!

We have chosen "Tucha Cloud Services» and we have no regrets!
Professional level of technical support and continuity of services were a major factor in the choice of partner for us and our customers.

Thank you, go ahead and continue to delight us with the quality service!

CIO, IT103 Service

In use since 2007
Our company working with the Uplink company (another name for Tucha) since 2007. All this time we enjoy cooperation. Technical problems are rare. If there was any trouble, we always prompt and friendly help technicians (special thanks to Eugene, Vladimir). Uplink - it's the comfort zone from which you do not want to go ... Try and you'll not regret it.
Once again, a huge thanks to all of the company and each employee individually. I wish you success and prosperity!!!
CEO, ISA-Ukraine

In use since 2013
Tucha - undoubtedly is the best cloud provider ever
I use the services of Tucha over 2 years. Satisfied with the service provided by 200%. Team Support pleases response speed and precision performance of any queries.
The company's managers are always courteous and offer more favorable terms of cooperation.
After the transfer of sites to the Tucha cloud I forgot what "lags" means. Thank U!
System Administrator, PBX Service

In use since 2014
Quick support, extensive consultations. Special thanks to Vadim for advices and assistance
Alexander Smirnov
Leading Specialist, "UkrGazKomplekt"

In use since 2014
Reliable partner
The best tech support I had seen! If I need to do something with the service at 3:00 am, there is always an expert who can help / advise / answer questions. Quality of service is also fine, everything works like clockwork. Thanks you!
CIO, SimplyContact

In use since 2014
Excellent hosting
Many thanks to the Tucha Company, and in particular the manager Vadim, for the excellent service and quality work.

Never regretted that you contacted 🙂

Keep up the good work 🙂

CEO, Wizardry

In use since 2005
Many thanks to technical support and special thanks to Eugene Puzanov. Promptly. Sensibly. In substance!!!)))
manager, Кorol Natali Wigs

In use since 2014
Excellent choice
Positive impressions only:
+ Super adequate management
+ Really fast support service with a desire to help
+ А bunch of pleasant emotions from the design of business and additional thingies

In general, such a company is now rarely seen.

I recommend it!

CTO, Gravity Electric

In use since 2013
In substance .....
"Ran" over a year ago. Tried a closer look ..... ..... And?

In substance, then:

Service Support: swiftly, professionally, "do not throw in trouble" ....

Managers: very correct, really close to the partners / customers, gently push "not sour!" (Thank U!) 🙂

Accounting: friendly, punctual and clear! 🙂

In general, as happened in my opinion - the creative spirit, friendliness, honesty and "... without the fuss and ado, the Tucha company does business!"
Good luck to you (and us!) Guys! 🙂

More than a year - the "flight" is normal! Thank you, come on! 😉

Vladimir Trushlyakov
IT Expert, PromInvestBank

In use since 2014
Cloud is the service number one!
Cloud solution is an excellent way to work and did not go to an office. But unfortunately not all managers understand it. We really like the speed. The absence of glitches in operation. Having experience with servers, I can said that it is hard to find a really good provider.
THANK fellows, CLASS 10++
CCO, PE "Trade-Service"

In use since 2014
Cloud services and SaaS is a global trend!
The dynamics of modern business puts new demands for flexibility in all areas of business, especially in the IT sector. Soft-as-a-Service (SaaS) Concept was born in an effort to find a solution for SMB in order to enable them to compete with larger companies.

Tucha - a simple and reliable way to enter a new era of information technology fully prepared and make the most of opportunities.

Tucha's client effectively solves a number of problems, including information security, data security, user mobility, cost savings, as well as the flexibility, scalability and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Very pleased with cloud solutions from Tucha and recommend them to their clients and partners.

СЕО, Soft-Poltava

In use since 2014
We use cloud storage service. Everything works like clockwork! Just super!
Factoring Specialist, Factoring Finance

In use since 2005
Bring deep gratitude to Tucha, I was very pleased with the work of all staff, starting with the friendly and attentive sales manager Vadim and ending with highly skilled technical support in the face of Constantine.
Thank you for your professionalism and human attitude towards us as customers.
I recommend you to my friends and partners.
CEO, Pro trade

In use since 2014
Service is the main thing
The Tucha's team has created a great product.
The key thing I want to note:
- An unexpectedly high level of service and support (not every company is ready to provide real support 24/7)
- Willingness to do more than promised
- Stability and performance of their products
- Flexibility of the team and individual approach

I discovered TuchaTM at a time when I was once again brought counterparties hosting providing.
Now Tucha is my reliable partner that is willing to hear me and find suitable solutions.
Recommend them!

CEO, iLION web agency

In use since 2012
"Do not stop!"
- Well, you are a virtuoso!
- No, I just do not brake.
(Nonfictional dialogue)

As a long time (relatively) Tucha's partner, dealing with the hesitant, shrinkable,
fearful and inhibiting potential customers with their endless variations and doubts unsuccessfully trying to disappoint me with the Cloud, I want ... to note!

Damn, the whole world uses Internet (and rushing out of this!), consisting in general, we can say, from a variety of cloud and subcloud systems. Well, when you choosing the mail service, you does not thinking monthes about it - "Oh, there may be crash or whatever ...". In short, I suggest you to use test-drive time to test clouds from Tucha and then - DRIVE IT!!!.

So... Do not stop!!

Sergey Proutorov
freelance copywriter, Global Network

In use since 2015
Great service!
Not so long ago began to use the services of the company Tucha. But in a short time experienced excellent and quality service. Representatives of the company always help in solving our problems. We would like to thank them very much for their help and we are confident in our fruitful cooperation in the future!
CEO, DM Group

In use since 2014
That's Perfect!
Use the services of the company not so long ago, but are very satisfied with the service quality!
account manager, Design studio "Ozideya"

In use since 2014
Quality at a reasonable cost
Take less than a year, but the quality is pleasantly surprising, and especially pleased with the price.
Thank you for good service.

In use since 2005
Great hosting for a reasonable price
Use VPS since 2014. There is no any complaints about the operation of the company Tucha.
Tucha's employees respond promptly to questions and helps in solving technical problems.
Entrepreneur, IT-Optimization

In use since 2005
Everything is always stable, fast and adequately!
I as a private person and my company Aladdin host in Tucha cloud more than one site. We started to work from the time of occurrence of the company. To say that the problems are solved at once - to say nothing. Efficiency, politeness - the main thing that I see when I communicate with both technical support and with management. I wish the company's cloud good customers that you always provide great 24x7 services at a great price!!
Good luck to you guys!
CEO, Aladdin Security Solutions

In use since 2012
Stopped at these guys after many tested hosting and cloud services in Ukraine, Russia, the US, Germany and the UK.
All in good time, quickly and accurately. Works reliably, if you have questions - always help immediately. A couple of years use and not going to change.
Qualified technicians and kind people. I am satisfied and have often recommended them to my friends. They are happy too 🙂
CEO, Oktell-Ukraine

In use since 2015
But all is as it should be!
We use Tucha VPS for not very long, but it was my first experience with the cloud. It is due to this fact, tech support's help was a pleasant surprise for me, because they could not just "help" with the settings and software, they are actually got a lot of things done "after me." Now I sleep peacefully having confidence in the future and hope that over time, quality service and a long tight cooperation will become even more pleasant with the price 🙂 Thank you for your work.
Oracle EBS consultant, Dalnoboy

In use since 2013
Excellent hosting and competent support that works very quickly
I use the VPS from Tucha in my own and recommend it to my customers. Support staff is always prompt to help and solve the problems in detail and answer questions on the phone or by email. No technical problems due to their fault was observed for all time.
Programmer, Kindrakevich Web Agency