How to Protect Your VPS Hosting from DDoS Attacks?

Ddos-attack seems to be one of the most widely known hacking tricks. Not all of internet cheaters want to steal your money or to seize personal data of yours, some of them are just interested in disrupting your business and hindering a normal function of your site. This kind of attack isn’t random, that is planned and coordinated set of actions, which is aimed to make you web page…


5 Ways to Improve Your Site Speed

Think the speed of website doesn’t have any influence on your company’s sales? Don’t be so naive. Such retail giants as Amazon and Walmart have already proven that site load speed does really matter. Amazon said about 1 % revenue increasing for every 0.1 seconds of website speed improvement and Walmart has provided data that 1 second of additional site speed yields 2 % increasing of conversions. In any…