Why to choose VPS hosting for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento websites?

If you have to run or update a company's website, choosing of content management system (CMS) could take a lot of time. To make a final decision you should consider many aspects such as functionality, convenience, type of content you are going to publish etc.


Moreover, to retain performance and website speed you should choose a reliable hosting for data processing and its storage. In this article we will share the essential information, emphasizing the critical features to help our customers in choosing the proper VPS hosting that will fit their CMS.


Choosing VPS-hosting for Drupal website

Choosing VPS-hosting for Drupal website
Picture 1. Choosing VPS-hosting for Drupal website

It's a common fact the most visited websites run on Drupal content management system. Such wide-known educational institutions as Harvard and Chicago universities, online-newspapers The Economist and Guardian Financial, Lady's Gaga's and Australian government websites are also among them. Drupal is used for different types of websites from blogs, informational resources and forums in social networks to online-newspapers with hundreds of thousands of visitings. User is able to increase the website's functionality by installing extra modules. All of them are available on the official Drupal website as well as recommendations of how to choose a right hosting service.


Drupal engine contains many useful default options (from the box), for example votings, forums, news, RSS-agregators, blog platforms, file searchers and downloaders, giving the users a wide functionality in basic configuration.


Nevertheless using this CMS has one disadvantage you should consider. Drupal-based websites require a sufficient amount of RAM from the server's side and usually it should be not less than 128 Mb. Drupal loads strongly both the RAM and CPU, so the traditional hosting can slow down the work of this content management system. VPS can easily perform this task by adding the necessary resources in any time you need. That's the main reason why many owners of Drupal-based websites prefer to run them on a VPS hosting, even if they are not high-load as sometimes it's hard to predict the outlooks. Furthermore, choosing a high-grade VPS hosting is essential for a website and significantly contributes to a normal functionality and achieving your project's goals.


Cloud VPS will be a successful solution as it allows the user to receive a big amount of resources with the possibility to install and configure the necessary software as you want. While choosing the cloud hosting for Drupal 7 and other platform versions, notice a Linux-based virtual server, such as TuchaCloud, a full managed server's hosting in a cloud (full managed Linux VPS). We recommend you VPS-2.5 for the websites that use Drupal.


The best VPS hosting for Joomla!

The best VPS hosting for Joomla
Picture 2. The best VPS hosting for Joomla

Joomla has become popular among the developers and users all over the world because of its simplicity, user-friendly design and affordability. More than 30 000 000 website owners have already chosen Joomla and the amount of Joomla's fans is growing everyday. Why Joomla? As it is a cheap and fast way to build your own website, irrespective of its purpose. The possibilities of Joomla are almost unlimited in this regard. Corporate website, online-store, news website, personal blog etc. can be run on Joomla-engine, using additional components and plugins. Surely, Joomla doesn't have such strong hosting requirements as Drupal, but Joomla-based websites also need reliable and fast hosting.


As we have mentioned above, on Joomla you can create any project of any complexity, just by choosing necessary components. It's also important to consider that using additions can increase the website's opportunities and benefits of its users, but large functionality requires more system resources. You should take it into account while choosing your hosting type.


Like in case with other CMS, the website's owner should consider if his hosting company provides enough resources for the satisfiable working of the website.


And back to VPS hosting benefits: the simplicity of scaling in a cloud will allow your visitors to enjoy new possibilities without thinking whether your system resources are able to process your bold plans. Your can start from mininal tariff plans VPS-0.5 or VPS-1.5.

The best VPS hosting for WordPress
Picture 3. The best VPS hosting for WordPress


The best VPS hosting for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that is used by almost 20 % world's websites. Initially it was developed as blogging platform for small websites but soon it has transformed into CMS for creating websites of any complexity. The conception 'To install WordPress in 5 minutes', user-friendly form, beautiful design and flexibility have attracted millions of users. WordPress doesn't stop with it and they continue to support and develop the system.


Even some world-known companies use WordPress as blogging platform or as the main CMS. British online-newspaper, blogs of such companies as;; run on WordPress, so, don't have any doubt about its scope of work.


Every website needs to be fast, failure-resist and be ready for a rapid increasing of visitors. Downtimes can negatively affect on a reputation of your company. To avoid this problem it's better to use such hosting that will manage the big amount of traffic. Its performance attributes should allow to process a great deal with information with high quality and give an opportunity to many visitors to interact with any type of content. On Tucha Cloud's website you will find different plans and can choose the most applicable for you.


The best VPS hosting for Magento

The best VPS hosting for Magento
Picture 4. The best VPS hosting for Magento

Magento is an open-source content management system to run ecommerce websites, mostly for e-trade. Near 140 000 of merchants all over the world have implemented their e-stores on Magento. Because of its specific goals, Magento is probably the most demanding CMS and it won't work on a simple shared hosting. Developers recommend to install 256 Mb of RAM available for the script. There were some cases when a website was disable when the CPU load came to 3 %. So, while choosing the right hosting it's a first important aspect to notice. With using VPS hosting for magento you get an ability to change the PHP Memory Limits, MySQL and other Apache and Linux settings. Extended plans of VPS hosting for magento, depending on your website's size and aims, allow your online-store to run faster and trouble-free. Among other advantages of VPS server for magento e-commerce we can underline the following:


  1. Increasing performance. You have dedicated resources allocated only to you.
  2. Great scalability. By setting up VPS you can scale additional resources in any time you want.
  3. Installing PHP accelerators. Such PHP accelerators as APC or Accelerator by caching the PHP scripts will make your site faster.


Cloud hosting for magento can also highly speed up you ecommerce website, but while thinking of how to cloud Choose hosting for magento website, don't forget about whether you want Linux- or Windows-based hosting. The majority of experts claim Linux-based server is more secure as vulnerability is permanently fixed by the wide open community. Moreover, there are many available free web-applications for improving website's functionality. Tucha CLoud VPS offers their customers Fully Managed Linux VPS with the permanent virtual server administration, and this combined solution can help you to grow a strong and prosperous business. For the demanding CMS Magento we recommend VPS-2.5 plan and higher.

To summarize all above-stated information, we remind the advantages of VPS:

  1. High performance = assured stable work of your project.
  2. Management and scalability flexibility. You pay only for using resources and it is possible to deny some of them or to extend configuration if necessary.
  3. Any CMS and work scale. Our experts will configure the server by themselves and move your website.
  4. Fully managed Linux VPS with virtual administration and customer 24/7 support.


We have told you why to choose VPS, and why to choose VPS on Tucha our customer satisfied responses will tell you better than us.


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