About us

Company history

Our company offers cloud solutions for business. We have been working for the international IT market since 2005.

The essence of TUCHA

The Tucha cloud infrastructure is a carefully designed virtual software environment (servers, computers, individual services) that is provided for the commercial use. It exists in a so-called cloud that is based on the hardware located in reliable European data-centers.
Tucha’s client creates its organization IT-infrastructure according to its actual needs living in the past dependence on limited opportunities of hardware and some endless IT competition. He uses the latest IT technologies and the equipment with the considerable saving of the material and temporal resources. Thus the client live and work anywhere on the globe.

Virtualization clusters are located in the best European data-centers to ensure continuity of functioning and integrity of customer information. These clusters consist of high performance servers, reliable storage systems and high-speed switches. Clients’ virtual machines can easily migrate from one physical server to another one within the cluster as well as within the entire cloud. It allows you to make operations that are related to processes of prevention, upgrading or repairing servers invisible to the user’s eyes.

What does Tucha give our clients?

Cloud technology is the future that is coming up very quickly. And Tucha is a simple and reliable way to enter a new era of information technology and armed with the most of the opportunities.

Tucha’s clients effectively solve a number of problems, including safeness of information, data security, users’ mobility, and resource savings. Moreover, they improve flexibility, scalability and reliability of their IT infrastructure.